Monday, February 18, 2013

Organize and Store Old Advantix Negatives

Do you have shoeboxes or bags filled with exposed Advantix film canisters lying around? Not sure what to do with the blueprints to your favorite pictures? The problem with these canisters is that they're difficult to store because they're bulky and take up room.

The Advanced Photo System (Kodak's Advantix, Fujifilm's Nexia) was first produced in 1996 and only recently discontinued in 2011. But before you throw out decades of memories, think about organizing them in a simple, efficient, and space-saving way. It's always important to save negatives to make duplicates or enlargements in the future.

Step 1: Pop open the canister at the seam with needle rose pliers by breaking the plastic. It will open on hinges and inside will be a small roll of your negatives.

Step 1
Step 2
Handle the negatives with white cotton or nylon gloves (preferably) or very clean hands to avoid fingerprints. Only touch the edges of your negatives.

Step 2: Unspool the negatives and place into negative sleeves. I prefer Print File but negative sleeves can be purchased at B&H, Adorama,, or your local photo store.

Step 3: Cut the negative into strips that fit your particular set of negative sleeves. Some fit 4 negatives while others fit 5 or 6. 

Step 4: Place the negatives into their respective sleeves in the order that works best for you. All sleeves are made to fit into a three-ring binder, but be sure to store them flat into an archival binder. I love Archival Methods. Other great resources are and

Step 3
Step 4

Be sure to recycle the canisters in your local area!

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